About Stuff by Steph Creations

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie, who surprisingly doesn’t like to be called Steph, lives in Centerton, AR with her two sons. She has began her professional career as a CNA and throughout the years obtained her Bachelors in Healthcare Administration and Masters in Business Administration. Stephanie is a great multitasker and took on many roles within her current company. She was looking for something to help bring calm and peace into her fast paced life.

In the mist of the Pandemic and being a healthcare worker, stress started to build up.  Like many others, Stehanie started to look for ways to cope and handle the stress in a productive manner.  She decided to invest in a Cricut machine and learn on her own how to create personalized items for her and her family. She started to experiment with epoxy using different molds (coasters, dominos, checkers, pens, cups) glitter colors until she found out what works for her.

Stephanie’s sister, Amanda, who is in nursing school, wanted a custom badge reel, because the badge reels she and her classmates had were boring and she was a spicy tamale who wanted to be different. Amanda bribed then convinced Stephanie to create a custom badge reel for her.  Amanda showed it off to her nursing friends, and everyone was obsessed- and Stephanie actually loved making it. After the first badge reel was created, it was history in the making. Shortly after, An Etsy shop and a Tik Tok account was created for Stephanie to showcase her creations.  After a month of posting, a video went viral, and well, Stuff by Steph Creations was created. She is happy to get the chance to create items for others and dreams of being able to produce items full time. “I love being able to create and connect with my buyers and support other small businesses all over the world.”

Business is always something that had interested me. Stephanie says,"I always knew I wanted to have a business, but I couldn’t figure out in what industry that should be in." She continues, "I continued to walk through this journey, I realized this was for me.  I couldn’t be any happier of the progress that I have been able to make in a short time.  I will continue to explore what my customers want and try my hardest to make them excellent quantity products."

We are always open to new designs and new ideas.  So, if you have one, you are more than welcome to give me the opportunity to do that for you.

A personal goal I have for my business is to begin to start filling wholesale orders for other small business owners.

Thank you all for the support and love that I am showed on a daily basis.  It is always appreciated.